DATE                            SCHEDULED                                               TOPIC  

            6-Jul                            Club Assembly

          13-Jul                            Bethany Freeman                           Facing Hunger Foodbank

         20-Jul                             Jack Mease                                       Nicaragua Education Shelter & Health (NESH)

         27-Jul                             John Kyle, Kiwanis Club            Multi-generational playground in Barboursville

          3-Aug                            Dr. Ed Pino                                        Director of Hoop’s Children’s Hospital

         10-Aug                           Pilot Club’s Antique Show & Sale / Diaster Aid USA

         17-Aug                           Club Assembly

         24-Aug                           Brad Bucklad                                    Area Director, Young Life Huntington

         31-Aug                           Jayshree Shah                                   STEM School, The Pointe , South Point

           7-Sep                            Scott Edwards                                    Netranom Communications, Network Secutity

         14-Sep                            John Powell                                       7550 District Governor, 2016-17

        21-Sep                             Carrie Dawson                                  Mission West Virginia

        28-Sep                            Mayor Steve Williams                    America’s Best Cities competition

          5-Oct                             Patrick Morrisey                              WV Attorney General

        12-Oct                             Adam Slone                                       Vocational Service Presentation

        19-Oct                             Dan D'Antoni                                    Head Coach, Marshall Men's Basketball

        26-Oct                             Dr. Jerome Gilbert                          MU President

           2-Nov                           Robert Simpson                               Interim Dean, Lewis College of Business

          9-Nov                            Larry McClung                                 Vocational Services Presentation

         16-Nov                           Capt. Jerry Lester                            The Salvation Army

         23-Nov                           No Meeting                                       Happy Thanksgiving!

         30-Nov                           Ginny Jaskot                                    Rotary Trip to Nigeria

            7-Dec                           Club Assembly & Elections

          14-Dec                           CMHS Collegium Musicum        Ed Harkless  + PDG Nancy Barbee   (+CMHS)

         21-Dec                            No Meeting                                       Merry Christmas!

         28-Dec                           No Meeting                                       Happy New Year!

           4-Jan                            Dr. Tom Dannals                             Small Steps to Better Health

         11-Jan                             Dr. Erica Barringer                         Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

        18-Jan                             Sarah Massie/Tammy Gue          Cold Weather Skin Care

        25-Jan                             Dr. Sara Jarvis                                  Beating the Winter Blues

          1-Feb                              Jerry Sutphin                                   Navigating the Ohio River

          8-Feb                             Katie Cowie                                      Mission Trip to Dominican Republic

         15-Feb                            Club Assembly                                 Committee Reports and Discussion

         22-Feb                           Ginny Jaskot                                     Report on Rotary Trips to Nigeria & India

           1-Mar                           Bill Bissett                                          Huntington Regional Chamber of Commerce

          8-Mar                            Honoring Barboursville’s Finest,  and Brandi Beasley, BC&VB

        15-Mar                            Rhythm in Red CM Show Choir    Phillip Bailey, Director

        22-Mar                           Bruce Hinckson                               Vocational Services Presentation

        29-Mar                           Bill Bissett,                                         President of the Huntington Chamber

          5-Apr                             Dana Sutton                                      Knowing and Honoring Your Highest Values

         12-Apr                            Club Assembly

         19-Apr                            MU Forensics Sciences Tour       Field Trip Meeting

        26-Apr                             Kelli Sobonya                                    Legislative Update                (+ CMHS)

          3-May                            Lena Burdette                                  United Way/Imagination Library project

        10-May                            Yoran Ettinger                                  (former) Israeli Ambassador

        17-May                            Dina Foster                                        Choices program








 (+CMHS) indicates Cabell Midland Students of the Month